Jasmin Schädler

Gestures of Motherhood

»Gestures of Motherhood« is a research diary about Jasmin Schädler’s explorations of motherhood. Motherhood is neither exclusively the physical ability to give birth nor the function of raising a child nor the exclusive vocation of a woman. The topic is challenged by many ideologies and often split between two extreme poles. On the way to a performative installation, Jasmin Schädler will give insights into her encounters and findings.

Birth-Knowledge-Generator Web Project

Hierarchies of Otherly Knowledge

  Launch of Birth-Knowledge-Generator web project, in cooperation with graphic designer and programmer Christoph Knoth and illustrator Inga-Marie Ruxton A few weeks ago a woman was laughing about me because I work on the topic of motherhood without being a mother myself. In her opinion I was missing the experience. Apparently I can only gain this competence through pregnancy and giving birth. The reaction of this woman was actually a reoccurring theme for me. Whenever I talk about my project I

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Gestures of Motherhood #6

Birth Information Night

Read article in German. »Hello World« 2. January 2017. I put a towel underneath my pullover and take pictures of myself in front of the mirror. I’m five months pregnant. How big is the belly after five months? I compare my towel belly to pictures on the internet. It is too low somehow. I put on my coat. Now the belly is almost not visible anymore. I am afraid nobody will believe me. I leave the house and take the

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Gestures of Motherhood #5

The Ejection Phase and the Cognition

Read article in German. I was absorbed by my thoughts, I was winding down. There was a break between the nine months of pregnancy and the moment of the water breaking. A whole day that felt like a soundless break afterwards. The water was running down between my legs and my thoughts were tying into knots very quickly. I forgot every bit of instruction and advice. All by myself, my baby and I were working to make the first step

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Gestures of Motherhood #4

Mutation of Body And Mind

How does it feel to have a life growing inside you? Euphoric, exciting, and incredible don’t seem to cover all the emotional and physical states a pregnancy awaits for you. Johana Gomez, guest author for the »Gestures of Motherhood« blog, describes what her body and mind was going through until she gave birth. This is her second entry of the three piece series »Phases of Accouchement«. Read article in German. My body started to change: I suddenly had insanely big breasts

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Gestures of Motherhood #3

Phases of Accouchement I

Phase 1 of Accouchement [Childbirth] (Making Up Your Mind) Johana Gomez is a visual artist as well as a stage and costume designer as well as a new mother. Starting with this entry she will be a guest author for the blog Gestures of Motherhood. Read article in German. I cannot say if it was due to the fact that the internal clock was ticking. However, over the last year, I had an increasing and recurring wish to have children.

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Gestures of Motherhood #2

The Vaginal Lotion Man

Find German version here. I enter an exhibition hall. In this hall pharmaceutical and medical-technical companies are exhibiting their newest products. There are surgery robots, workshops where you can learn how to insert a contraceptive spiral correctly, pens, fruit and vegetable patients – a papaya vagina, gummy bears and sausages. Everybody asks: »Do you work in a clinic or are you a resident doctor?« I try to evade this question. I am far from being a doctor and here as

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Gestures of Motherhood #1

Between Construction and Experience

»Motherhood-Mothering-Mathering-Mother-Mother Love-Mother Instinct-Biological Mother-Sociological Mother-Surrogate Mother-Motherliness-Rabenmutter-Bad Mum-Mother Mary-Mother Tongue-Maternity leave-Muttermund-Mother’s Day-Mutterkreuz« On October 7 & 8, I attended a conference at the University of Marburg about motherhood. This sparked my interest because I am working on a project concerned with motherhood and its position and power within Western European societies. The conference title was »Motherhood – Between Construction And Experience« and it was hosted by the psychologist and psychoanalyst Helga Krüger-Kirn and the psychologist Laura Wolf. Recently I’ve been reading

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