Rasha Hilwi

Tawf – Journey

ستكتب رشا حلوة، صحافيّة ثقافيّة فلسطينيّة، في هذه المدونة، عن الثّقافة العربيّة في ألمانيا خاصة وأوروبا عامة. بالإضافة إلى تغطيّة نشاطات فنّيّة وثقافيّة، ستكتب عن الحضور الثّقافيّ العربيّ، من مفهوم الثّقافة الأوسع؛ قصص الناس، حيواتهم، طقوسهم وغيرها، خاصة في ظلّ الواقع السّياسيّ في العالم. بالإضافة إلى كيف أثرت، ولا زالت تؤثر الثّقافة الأوروبيّة على العربيّة لدى الأجيال المختلفة.

In this blog, Rasha Hilwi, a Palestinian cultural journalist, writes about Arabic culture in Germany and Europe. In addition to covering events, she talks more about the wide meaning of culture: people’s lives and stories, and how culture and art are present now, especially within the political situation in the world.

Journey #6

»After the Last Sky« festival in Berlin

During the After the Last Sky festival days (9.9 – 9.10.2016), I managed to visit Berlin, coming from Stuttgart, to see one of the festival’s theater shows: Azza, a musical play by Amir Nizar Zoabi. By then, I’d met Anna-Esther Younes, one of the festival’s curators. We met in Bulbul Berlin Café and restaurant and we went for a walk close to the river to have a calm talk. Anna- Esther is a German Palestinian, born to a German mother

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Journey #5

»The Syrian Culture Index«

This article – which includes a short interview – is about a new initiative of the Berlin based Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh. »The Syrian Culture Index«, as it mentions in its website, is »a replacement for displacement. An alternative map connecting the Syrian artistic community around the globe.« It’s also »an open online platform and mobile app, created as a response to the growing need of Syrian creative practitioners – both individuals and institutions, living abroad and in Syria –

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Cultural Journalism

A Normal Scene in Palestinian life

The first performance of »Azza« by the »Shebr Hur« theatrical group, directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi and written by him and his group, took place in Haifa after I left Palestine for Germany. Honestly, I don’t like missing any play by Nizar, but I knew that the musical play would be performed in Berlin in September, as part of the »After the Last Sky« Festival — an international multi-disciplinary festival focusing on contemporary Palestinian art — which started on the 9th

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Journey #4

The Nightingale of Berlin

There was an eagerness to visit the place before my arrival to Berlin early July; even before its owner, Palestinian Nidal Bulbul, began advertising it on Facebook, as he was telling us about his intention to open a cultural cafe in the German capital, which became a space that joined many cultures from around the world. »Bulbul Berlin«, is the name of the cafe that Nidal opened up late April in the famous neighborhood of Kreuzberg, which I visited the

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Cultural Journalism

Palestinian Cultural Journalism is a Responsibility

When I started working as a journalist during my university studies in sociology and anthropology, I didn’t know that I would follow the path of cultural journalism. The story started when a friend of mine who worked at a radio station in Nazareth approached me to suggest an idea for a radio program that deals with youth issues in general, but especially with the Palestinian students in Israeli universities. I didn’t like the idea, so I decided to go to

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Journey #2

I Live And Write Through Facebook

»Writing through social media is partially a revolt on the conventional literary authority« – Assaf Al Assaf I first met him upon my arrival to the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart to start my cultural journalism fellowship in July 2016, which was also the last month of his 3-month writing residency. He’s lived in Germany since October 2015, coming from Beirut after seeking refuge there from Syria. He was born in Deir ez-Zor, Syria in 1976, and studied dentistry, »I’m

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Journey #1

About Tawf عن طَوْف

In my first blog post for Tawf – Journey, I talk in the beginning about the reason I called this blog a »journey.« Mainly because I will write about the presence of Arabic culture in Germany and Europe, through covering cultural and art events, but also how the culture appears in people’s life and stories. And it will be for me a kind of traveling through these stories, and it will also show how the culture travels from place to

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