Zagreb Diaries

What happens when the meandering words of poetry meet moving images? Dan Boehl, a former Solitude fellow in the field of literature, was participant in the exchange program between Akademie Schloss Solitude and the Pogon Centre for Independent Culture and Youth (POGON) in Zagreb and developed a new collaborative format for his poems with visual artist Maja Marcovic, also a former Solitude fellow. For the project, he worked with people he had met for the first time there as well as some familiar faces.

»After two months in Zagreb, I returned from Croatia to live in a new American city, Raleigh, North Carolina. On a warm spring day I traversed the downtown at lunchtime. Office workers were out in the sun and I realized I knew more people in Zagreb than in my new home.
After two months back in the United States, this is still true. Though the Pogon residency was short, it was the first time working abroad where I felt like I wasn’t just a poet in a bubble floating through another place or culture. The people of Zagreb are so warm, welcoming, and engaged that I became very quickly, part of their culture.
Traveling and hanging out with friends, I got to make new work that pushed the limits of my practice of appropriation and collaboration. Here are the works I made with and in the company of my Zagreb friends, particularly Maja Markovic and Boris Fisher, with special thanks to Sonja Soldo, Ivana Ivkovic , and Tomislav Medak.«

– Dan Boehl


Nothing Happens




Nothing Happens


This Is Going To Be Awesome


Donja Stubica


Poverty Is Promising