Want a Meaningful Online Experience? Talk to a Human

»Talk to a Human« is a chat where visitors truly connect to humans on the other side in a deep conversation. The only catch is that we are actually analyzing every word you type into the chat, filtering your social profile data, and tracking you via your IP address. We could pretty much sell your data to the major internet companies.

Why this project?
The Internet was a de-centralized repository of personal stories and dreams. By creating an ad-hoc network of all computers in the world, the Internet was essentially no man’s land for everyone. However, the Internet became money when scattered real-life stories hosted in personal servers moved to company-controlled social networks. With the promise of »free« hosting came the demand for your fresh metadata everyday.

Hence, this is both an art piece and a tool to raise awareness to the much needed de-centralization of the web. This interactive performance is played out by you and a chatbot. He/she/it/0101 asks you deep questions about your dreams, etc. The bitter twist is that he/she/it/0101 is not listening, like every company out there, this chatbot is after your metadata, not after you. In the end of the chat, we reveal all the information we collected and could now be sold to internet companies: precise geographic location, predicted nationality, your name, your email, your social media profiles, and the last thing you bought online.

Don’t worry, talk to a human about it.