This Island Paradise is the Most Perfect Getaway, for Everyone

Tired of the same timelines, platforms, likes, and favs? Need a break from the constant feed and endless comments? Farther Island is your destination getaway! Gently hidden from the harsh and busy conduits of the centralized World Wide Web, its color and verve are subtle and soothing. Using a personal server, I will host a website showcasing a graphic environment reminiscent of a fantastic deserted island.

The site will consist of still 3D graphics and animation. Exploration will take place by the viewer in similar ways to some early adventure games by utilizing visual hyperlinks. During the four weeks of my residency I will work on the island adding new components as I see fit. These components will include phenomena native to the island, sculpture, and architecture. Furthermore, in the construction and decoration of the island I will continue to focus on the theme »Decentralization of Internet Art.« The website will host a simple social platform in which people can come to visit and interact with the island as well as talk with me. I will take some inspiration for the sculptures and architecture that I build there from my interaction with visitors. All interactions will be documented and presented on the site in either a forum or chat room interface. Aside from being able to access the island directly, a link will be made to certain centralized media platforms to inform the rest of the World Wide Web how we’re coming along.