How to Make $500 Working from Home!!!

HOW TO MAKE $500 WORKING FROM HOME!!! will be a web performance which reflects on the value of the artist in contemporary society. The performance, commissioned by Schlosspost, will host a 24-hour live video stream of the artist’s studio for the four week duration. Visually demonstrating the act of earning $500 through the commissioning process.

People want more for less. The immediacy of the Internet and the constant stream of images and visuals has shortened attention spans and proliferated a desire for instant gratification, be it Instagram likes or Twitter faves. The web performance juxtaposes the infamous online pop-up (the »guaranteed get-rich« scheme) with a voyeuristic insight into the protracted and unpredictable creative process.

The work references the importance of supporting artists at a time when unpaid creative labour is at its highest. Do we accept this universal norm, or stand up and re-establish the value of our work and our time? During the online »studio« residency, we may see works taking physical form, we may capture the sublime moment of inspiration, or we may see nothing of note at all.

*As part of the 4-week residency I would also compile an archive of online videos which promote get-rich schemes. I would ultimately look to draw upon this resource for the realisation/proposal of a new work.