I’ve Been Print Screening my Artist Mill for Six Months

I’m on the run for a post-net-art installation. I’ve been collecting Facebook images of a so-called artist mill to investigate this phenomena. I’ve been liking, print screening, following, starting to follow artists and »posters« for six months now to make an installation that shows how art works on the net; to find the thin line, the subtle channel for this kind of transmitting.

This artist mill is my own mill; it’s the mill of people and artists I choose to see things of, but also of the people that inspire me and whom I get good or interesting and particular vibrations from. I’ve been doing this due to my place as an artist but also due to interest and admiration for this matter and the change I felt coming in the art world. It’s a tribute to the collective that was formed by posting art on the net and a research towards art in the future.
This installation I’m making will be very sec; I want to show each print screen (if necessary, make a selection) on a flat screen and hang them all together or separately in the space where I’m exhibiting. (www.verde-art.be)
I would really like to make an exhibition of all these print screens on the net as well; or make a combo. I want to make the work or the prints physical or make the net exhibition physical by projecting it on a big screen (this all depends on material and money and time)
The exhibition where I could show this takes place from March 25 until 28. It would be great to be working together with you to make this a NET thing and physical thing, out of the love for all the net artists and this particular stream of art and consciousness.
I will be making and curating an exhibition/event of Facebook prints from posted art works from artists and friends I’ve been following. It seems that Facebook has started to be like a net exhibition.

A list of artists participating this Collective post-net-art installation:
Nesh, Eco Virtual, Mike flex, Stine Sampers, Alex Kats, Holographic Dreams, Vlad Anghel, Blue, Crystal clear edits, Conno Stockton, Billy Mandy, Felt Zine, Branden Hibbard, Olivia Derman, Airship, Collective THC, Zoe Stawska, Brian Necker, Josifin Jonsson, Pastelae, Jasonbeyer, Vlad Anghel, Fotis Begetis, Smooth, Cecily Feitel, Michael Hunter Castler, Eltons Küns, Bruno Armeni, Dafna Ganani, Raw Low, Synchrodogs, Wasted Rita, Stefan Krishe, Fluids, Future Gallery, Brenna Murphy, Collective Unconscious 3D, Fashionfatiguaphallucy, Anthony Antonellis, Alba Rocca, Erica Lapadat Danzen, Antonin Laval, Collageno, Dries Depoorter, Bemy wifi, Billy Mandy, Troy Ford , Brenna Murphy, Bertrand Van Elsacker, Olga Mikh Federova, Kim Thissen, Mako Amarai, Olympus Mons, Simona Vela, New Aestheticians, Ultrabianka, Kevin Harris, Tuukz, The Rickard Nilsson, Lloyd Newell, Crystal Clear Edits, Oblinof Kohara, Internet by night, Joe Be, Lawrance Ervin, Steve Beemen, Cool 3D world, Martin Greffe, John Hofacker, Lindsay Lawson, Hannelore Marie Charlotte, Pieter Jossa, Dimitry Rodin, Silver Glitter, Aluminium Foil, V.A. Vaporware, Tea D. Straziaz