Artist Death Results in an Open-sourced Afterlife

I am currently in the middle of a marketing campaign in which I am utilizing different digital social platforms to critically (and satirically) promote a short film/mixtape for this exaggerated digital identity (TaylorEffinCleveland.) The campaign/short film is called Reify Your.self and results in the »death« of the identity to help promote the film.

I propose to make this identity an open-sourced repository via GitHub, in which people around the world are able to download, edit, and possibly change the identity (& the identity’s narrative), and have the potential to become this digital identity. This decentralization of identity, through the web, illustrates the power of the concept for the artist residency, amongst other themes of self-editing, media awareness, open-source, spiritual experiences through digital technologies, etc.
The allocated time would allow me to archive, and stem out all of the research, data, and media that creates Taylor Effin Cleveland, into a well organized repository. The repository will be shared with the members of Netro Internet Agency, in which they will be able to moderate what content officially gets added to Taylor Effin Cleveland’s new (rebooted/post-life) identity from that point forward.

Through the process of self discovery via digital media/technology, I have found there has never been a time in my life when the world wasn’t connected via the Internet, or being targeted through digital media marketing campaigns. I have never known a time when I didn’t exist as nonconsensual captured data through camera lenses and algorithms, and it wasn’t until relatively recently that I learned the extent and value of my interpreted identity through digital systems.
As an artist, it is my responsibility to communicate and challenge new perspectives and processes. My body of work is constructed through various forms of new media intended to exaggerate, explore, and exploit my (and others’) digital representation; challenging popular perceptions of virtual environments and networked systems. I am fascinated with the relationship between human identity and [digital] technology through identity creation, media manipulation, and experimental practice.