Designing Realities 3D
Un-/Learning (Almost) Anything

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Fabian Hesse and Mitra Wakil, Designing Realities 3D Un-/Learning (Almost) Anything

Mitra Wakil and Fabian Hesse, WimmelResearch fellows at Platform 12 in winter 2018/19, are two visual artists interested in open-access labs and in turning 3D technologies into social tools. During their time at Bosch’s Center for Research and Advance Engineering in Renningen, they initiated workshops inviting Bosch’s researchers to perform for 3D body scans.

With the idea of creating a portrait and alternative narration of the technology’s development, they scanned the employees in their specific chosen postures. They asked: »Which attitude or posture shows you in your daily work?« »How can you relate to what the technology you are working on does with people?«

Finally, they created real-life, 3D sculptures from these scans – without retouching the errors and surprises that occurred during the scanning process. This method of tolerance in dealing with mistakes in their artistic work primarily leads to a surprising new understanding or a new insight of something that had neither been seen, nor had happened, before. Adding artistic work methods in the research context is another approach to finding out new things, gaining another idea of the current project, or simply thinking beyond the system.