Secrets of Last Summer

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Julian Palacz, Secrets of Last Summer

WimmelResearch fellow Julian Palacz, who took part in Platform 12 in summer 2018, works at the intersection of media art and visual art. The artist reflects on topics about privacy, mass surveillance, and the use of consumer electronics. In his projects at Robert Bosch GmbH, he focuses on the traces we leave behind in the digital and physical world.

Julian Palacz’s interest is the nature of things and their way of functioning: »I’m interested in developing objects that behave irrationally or maybe don’t work in a normal way at all.« Often, discussions with researchers began with his objects, leading both sides into a conversation on a related topic such as data collecting. With his critical voice and work, Palacz tries to raise the awareness of how omnipresent electronics are in our daily lives and how important it is to deal more consciously with them.