I have humility toward theater.
I have humility toward any form of theater.
I’m thankful to be a tiny little bit of big things.
I am grateful to represent and supplement the thoughts of others.
I am grateful to act.
I am grateful for big and small stages,
Boards and lights and curtains and sound systems.
Steps and glances and secrets and sounds.
I am grateful to be an actress.
I am grateful to be allowed to audition at city theaters.
I am grateful to maybe be the one among hundreds tomorrow.
Maybe I’m not ready yet today.
A rejection of many.
Traveling and asking and imagining and acting and singing and shaking hands
Too good today and too loud tomorrow.
To fit in. Must and want.
I am happy when I am seen.
I am happy if I am allowed to tell
Not only from me, but also from my ideas.

I am not a calf
I do not belong to any market
My talent is not timed
My time is valuable, too
I like to travel to you, great theater,
But I want you to see me, too.

And I mean
the one me
and the other me.

I am an actress.
The label is too small for me.
I want to be an artist.

I want self-determination
Hopefully as an artist tomorrow.
I wish the opportunity to make a decision
City theater or off-scene.
I wish to be able to realize my own thoughts.
Words, questions, dances
big failure
Nice failure
doesn’t matter how.


Goldstaub team during the Brennender Schnee/Burning Snow production:

Jeffrey Döring – artistic director
Mariam Haas – set designer
Johana Gomez – set designer
Felix Nagl – sound designer
Iris Schwarz – motion designer
Simon Greiner – motion designer
Elmar Mellert – designer of the art book
Lisa Ströckens – soprano/ actress
Laila Richter – actress
Johannes May – actor
Pascal Zurek – bass baritone/ actor