10/30/17 – 11/03/17

Monday, October 30

Mariam, the set designer with whom I will collaborate during the production, is back in Stuttgart. We have to talk a lot. What has already happened during rehearsals? What kind of new ideas came up? Which materials did I research and which are affordable? We talk and discuss for ages. It’s a marathon to bring each other up to date. It’s very tiring. I have to explain a lot to her and contextualize it. She also tells me about old ideas and pictures from the beginning of the project a year ago, when I had not yet been brought on board.

Tuesday, October 31

We tell Jeffrey what we found out and want to commit to a material that day. In the following days, we have to make many decisions. To be of one opinion is never easy. As a stage and costume designer and as a freelance artist I mostly work alone. On the one hand sharing the responsibility for equipment is enriching and inspiring; on the other it’s also very exhausting. We have to adapt to each other’s pace and way of working.

Wednesday, November 1

Ordering and buying is the big topic of this week. But we have to take care of the finances. It is a very long week with rehearsals during the day and in the evening deciding and ordering. We sew at night. The latter is almost meditative work.

Thursday, November 2

We’re doing a photo shoot in the morning. The love story between Huldbrand and Bertalda has been documented on negatives and developed on slides. It gets an old-fashioned touch. At night, we continue to sew Bertalda’s terry robes and think about how we can make technology, exhibition, and pool into a single entity.

Friday, November 3

The last orders and preparations for the next week are completed. In the afternoon I drive to the Schwäbische Alb (Swabian Alb) to look for a pool ladder and a shower. The driving time brings me peace and I can arrange my thoughts.


Goldstaub team during the Brennender Schnee/Burning Snow production

Jeffrey Döring – artistic director
Mariam Haas – set designer
Johana Gomez – set designer
Felix Nagl – sound designer
Iris Schwarz – motion designer
Simon Greiner – motion designer
Elmar Mellert – designer of the art book
Lisa Ströckens – soprano/ actress
Laila Richter – actress
Johannes May – actor
Pascal Zurek – bass baritone/ actor