Rehearsal diary

Traces of a Water Spirit

How sensitive is highly sensitive? How can special ways of perception be shared with an audience? How do digital media and theater work together? The off-theatre team »Goldstaub« follows these questions in their current theater project »Burning Snow« on the phenomenon of high sensitivity and the myth of Undine, a water spirit. This rehearsal diary is the attempt to show the plurality of voices during this production.

Traces of a Water Spirit #1


»The adventure begins. I’m like Indiana Jones and I still have to find out if these are the people who help me out of the labyrinth, or if they lure me into a trap.«Jeffrey Döring (artistic director of »Burning Snow«) In German it’s called »Konzeptionsprobe«: a rehearsal in which the director presents the concept of the production to the team. It’s always the scariest rehearsal for the director. Do the actors like the concept? Do they like the costumes? Is

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