Work-ing out

»Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer to shape it.«

Theater or performing arts are always political instruments. Society is political.

Art is a weapon to shape a society simply because it shows that other realities are possible (or it sells the dream of a perfect reality).

If you want to reflect a piece of reality in the performing arts and invite somebody to look at it, you are inviting this person »look through your eyes.« They may be commercial or alternative products/ways, but they will always be made with a final intention.

In my work politics are always present because society is always present. The piece normally starts with an individual entity (a woman, a family, a couple) and tries to speak from a neutral point of view about how society has changed during the past 70 years, and how neoliberalism has changed the way we have to look at reality or the media in our daily lives. The piece I was working on at Solitude speaks about how the media influence our personal lives and how we create a virtual unreality:

a version of ourselves.