The Hirschgang

Javier Hinojosa, »Basiselemente«, 2009
Nadja Schöllhammer, »Working Titel«, 2010
Gwen van den Eijnde, »IM HIRSCHGANG«, 2009
Matthias Megyeri, »20000 Images«, 2008
Karin Damrau, »Allozentrischer Raum – Egozentrischer Raum«, 2007
»Misunderstanding Design«, 2006
»In Transit«, 2015
Antje Kalus, »Haus 3/ Tür 1-7«, 2011
Montien Boonma, »Das Haus der Sternzeichen«, 1999
Böller & Brot, »1. Internationales Daumenkinofestival Solitude«, 2004
Kai Franz, »Serial Nature ||Collapse and Emergence within Systems«, 2014
Gerd Belz, »Untitled«, 1992
Samuel Rachl and Angela Dauber, »damit es wenn es da ist – überrascht, Teil einer Performance von 17 Mumienstandpunkten» (as mummy : Sonja Breuer, actress), 1991
Youki Hirakawa, »Silence of Nature / Nature of Silence«, 2013
Holger Dammit, »Jagdpartie. Eine Installation im Hirschgang, 3 Pferdefelle, gestempelt ›Wir sind die alten Schwerter noch, siegen und werden siegen‹«, 1990
Marion Möller, »Architekturornamente«, 1995

With it’s over thirty meters length, the »Hirschgang« is the longest corridor at Akademie Schloss Solitude. As a passage it leads to thirteen artists studios as well as a library facing the court yard and the woods. Since Akademie’s foundation 25 years ago, the corridor isn’t a representative space for hunting trophies anymore, but serves as a space for contemporary art exhibitions of Akademie’s fellows. As part of the latest project »In Transit« located in the Hirschgang from November 12, to December 18, 2015, we show how this corridor, itself a space in transit, has changed ever since.

Architecture for Travelers

Travelers need a house
not only comfortable
for daily life and good
to come back to, but also
easy to live without:

a place that is a kind of
conspiracy theory of walls,
that doesn’t quite exist
when nobody is home.

Joshua Edwards: Architecture for Travelers, Edition Solitude, 2014.