Chicks on Speed

»philosophical farmer. once upon a time a passionate advocat of chicks on speed. since 2015 old school – old school havelberg.« – Ursula Achternkamp

»Architecture and Chicks on Speed«: Take either hens or concrete to manifest your ideas in design of life processes. Or take both – or even neither the one or the other! Gestures such as architecture, chickens or even non-materialized expressions like to be read in their proportionality. As the maid of four hens, I accompanied a suburban egg-cooperative two years on their tour through one of the first settlements which had used concrete in a testfield as pre-fabricated construction method in order to make housing more affordable. Part self-sufficiency and collaborative ideas concerning the organization of the consumption building in the centre of the settlement had been considered in the planning process of Walter Gropius in Dessau Törten. Thus, we got an insight into the ideas of the initial plans of the 1920s and today’s acquisition of the residents. In questioning how demographic change can be faced through drinking more egg liqueur or through roasting eggs on car roofs, crucial topics were pointed out by the cooperative. Nonetheless – in wintertime the hens enjoy strolling around their residency in a castle somewhere in Swabia.

Text by Ursula Achternkamp, 2013; Music by Little Red Suitcase