Summoning Dragons for Free


Living today is like finding yourself within a demo of a video game. You did all the tasks but at the edge of a map you hit the invisible wall.
Can unpaid labour and time invested in social media unlock some special features in real life?
I can’t really answer that but I will continue whatever I’m doing, let’s call it a metaphor, until I give all the dragons away for free.

This summer, due to the geo-economic factors my team is moving our studio to a tiny village on the coast of Croatia, known as the least liberal region in Croatia.
What I want to do is perform a quest there and LARP our way into the village cloaking the daily life into an digital occult fantasy.

04.03.1990. Croatia. MA New Media and Animation, ASF student. Works as director and assistant producer at Adriatic Animation studio and video and graphic artist at Schwestern Sister. Published / exhibited with FeltZine, Heavy Metal Mag., Art Slant, Ello, The Creators Project, Superchief Gallery NY, Format :C: and NetDotCube. Resident VJ at Cameo (LA,CA). Her solo projects were supported by Open Workshop in Denmark and Croatian Audio-Visual Channel. Tea is also known by handle Fluff Lord.