All in for the Air Castle Phenomena a.k.a. Starry Eyed Dreamer

Air Castle will be presented as a series of web-based interactive pieces. Abstracted game worlds filled with 3D objects, characters and effects in full screen, inviting the viewer to interact via point and clicks. The movement and audio will run autonomously and at random, creating endless and subjective experiences for the audience. Without inherent meaning, each piece will function as a dream-like Rorschach allowing the viewer to seek their own understanding through experimentation and play.

I’ve always liked to explore game worlds even if the objective meant otherwise. Games follow rules in order to be successful in much the same way many forms of communication need a structure to share information. If the experience is absent of rules, the individual is left to implement their own. There are many attributes in simulated environments that mimic physical space. By pulling those attributes out of alignment, this series will build on the interpreted reality of the viewer, and look towards unique context and individual experience.

Matthew Keff was born in the Hudson Valley of NY, US in 1985. He attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC receiving a BFA. Using 3D graphics and game engines to create audio visual experiences, Matthew uses the internet, digital printing and installation to display his work. His process explores fantasy and emotion by abstraction and experimentation. Matthew currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY, US.