Photosynthetic Transgenesis: Chronicles of a Moss Woman

The analogy of glacier to bone, magma to marrow, inspires a woman to heal her painful skeletal disorder by traveling to a moss-covered, volcanic island. Scientists there have been synthesizing human bone and moss tissue to encourage new plant growth in an over-industrialized landscape. Could this same synthesis transform new growth in her ailing body as well?

This woman is now in a post-procedure, photosynthetic transgenesis. The web residency will be her platform to explore a new, self-defined, non-Anthropocene existence. One that depends less on ambivalent medical institutions and more on treatment plans like hers. This autonomous female body can also produce oxygen internally to reclaim its own healing. However, she’s now intricately connected to an ailing landscape. Her senses are undergoing extreme changes. And her connection to synthetic biology is problematic. But, she believes in reimagining a future of healing for the refigured female body.

The residency will see proposed 3D models of bones with allowances for moss growth. Poetry will be posted that reflects her morphing notions of language and time. Photographs and animations will outline the treatment plans she built for herself and her home. Maps, charts, and anatomical drawings will visualize volcanic activity, bone reconfiguration, and moss density, both on the island and within her body. And draft specifications for wearable items will accommodate her new physical state.