Kumazi, Ghana, 25.11.2016

Alex, Metal Worker

SD: What comes to your mind, if you think about the world of today?

A: Like Africa, Africa better like this. We are [working]…[but] our expenses are high, we are not having money, you see, we are not having money. Because every day, we are working, we are working hard. But if you get the money, don’t know how to use it, the money it vanishes, you see. If you like to take us, to go to your country, i would like to do my job for Germany. [I was hoping for Ghana] if you want to take me with you, i would like to follow you to your country. Where you might go for, for your country.

SD: What if you think about the whole world?

A: The whole world… in the country… in the country I go there, get my job, do my job. So later I can look for my family. See, if i’m working in Ghana, there is no money to look for your family, you …. two or three is hard. Now school fees, too. You don’t have money to pay our school fees. So if I travel and get my job, I can look for my family, you get me? //