From Home to Place to Home to

Participants: Va- Bene Fiatsi, Kumasi, Ghana – Mimi from
Eritrea, Somewhere in Germany – Anja Tuckermann, Berlin, Germany

Concept Text:

The future of feminism is the margin between physical and virtual bodies. It is a fluidity between human, technology, science, politics and the states. It is that which shall birth the ‘cyborg’ without race, gender, sex and culture. The fluidity we need to live with in the future.
The new feminist figure will be human without name and tag, it shall be no woman nor man but ‘just’ and not guilty of social constructs. Empowering without taking over power on others.
Borders are daily monsters that threaten our collective human experience, coexistence and our individual freedom and uniqueness. From race through gender to class and otherness, we face alienation, prejudices, vulnerability and discriminations as effects of geographical boundaries, or cultural stereotypes while ignoring the common bond to humanity as living beings.

Project description
The artist and performer Va-Bene Fiatsi and the writer Anja Tuckermann will, in collaboration with Mimi, a young Eritrean, re-stage and perform to the camera.
Mimi lived in fear of deportation until she found refuge in the habitats of the church in Germany. She will still have to live three months until end of September 2018 in the church to be protected from immigration authorities before she gains the right to give in her application for asylum.
Mimi will provide her stories and narratives with a diary of her routine in the church for us to reenact and tell a story of language of otherness, alienation and solitude.

The short recording shall be developed into digital brick of wall that could be disrupted through web interaction while generating clones or new forms.
Our research and project shall be as experimental as possible where we shall pay close attention to our process as art in itself other than a finished product. We aim at affecting personal narratives of our audience in similar spirit of Va-Bene Fiatsi’s recent exhibition in Accra Acts of Radical Empathy.


VA-BENE ELIKEM FIATSI (crazinisT artisT)
“[sHe/it…]” is my bio-political pronoun”
Note: “Any one/institution can use any pronoun of their choice for me”
Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi also known as crazinisT artisT, a Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist living and practicing in Ghana was born in Ho, Volta Region of Ghana in September 1981.
[sHe/it…] has performed and exhibited internationally including Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and showing also in New York few weeks

Anja Tuckermann, grew up in Berlin in Germany.
Her first novel was published 1988. From 1988 – 92 editor with RIAS radio station. Since then free-lance author and journalist. She publishes novels, short fiction, theater plays, libretti. Her work is translated into 13 languages. For her books about German Gypsies in Nazi Germany she won several awards. Since 1993 collaboration with composers and artists.

Mimi, born 1998, from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, speaking Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, German, on the way through the Sahara, Libya, the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, Germany to self-determined life.