The Golden Brown Girls Episode 9: TV Psychic

Concept Text:

We are creating a web series as a socially engaged art project, a political platform that re adjusts itself to new locations and collaborators while being designed for populist and digital distribution. We’ve named it The Golden Brown Girls in homage to the American sitcom “The Golden Girls”, where four women over 50 live together post divorces, children, dead husbands etc. to reinvigorate their sense of identity apart from these things. The show became an important symbol of not only operating on the margins socially, but thriving. By creating a fulfilled, alternative space fueled by mutual support, intimacy and laughter they transformed themselves into the protagonists of a newly created multiverse.
This is a futurist Golden Girls. We are imagining our future 30 years from now as poc women and professional creatives sharing a house together in cities currently known for their participation in the art world. We may no longer be visible to society as a mother or a sex object, but we will make our own family structure living together as women. We will still have the troubles generated as we interact with a sexist, ageist, racist, economically precarious landscape, but our Golden Girls productions demonstrate strategies for working together to overcome these problems and flourish.
The goal of our project is to create the potential for new social structures in our present by collaborating with an expanding circle of women creatives to visualize our future

The project was founded in 2014 at Goldsmiths University of London by visual artist Shannon Tamara Lewis in partnership with her colleague Indrani Ashe. Soon after they invited another artist and Goldsmiths graduate, Sara Umar, to write herself into the script. The Golden Brown Girls presented their first exhibition in 2017 at Galerie Futura in Berlin.