The Future(s) Are Black Quantum Womanist

Considering the unique intersectional temporal experiences of Black women, femmes, and girls and the ways in which we are being actively erased from the objective, linear future, the Black Woman Temporal Portal is a nonlinear timescape/time displacement toolkit preparing us for and helping us to create the Black womanist quantum future(s). It will also be an open-access archive of the temporal technologies Black women have developed to ensure our quantum future(s) and to uncover our ancestral space-time configurations for survival in present, future, and past moments. The portal includes images (photos, film, glitch art, found art), temporal rituals, liberatory technologies, and nonlinear womanist timescapes. Texts will include poetry, snippets, and quotes from essays, zines, and speculative fiction works – both created by the artists and from works by Black women creators who enact diverse timescapes and chronotopes in their works.