Quasi-Monte Carlo

Quasi-Monte Carlo, Paul Simon Richards, HD video (produced during the web residency), ongoing video series, 2016

Throughout the month of November 2016, web resident Paul Simon Richards – chosen by Apparatus 22 for the third call for »Schlosspost Web Residencies« on the topic »SUPRAINFINIT: L’Avenir redux« – produced a new chapter of the ongoing video series »Quasi-Monte Carlo«. The eponymous algorithm Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) is used in photo-realistic CGI rendering as well as for artificial intelligence. Drawing from QMC’s foundational concepts – randomization and repetition – artist Paul Simon Richards is producing an episodic video work for online dissemination.
Find images of the production process on this page and more background information on the project in an interview with the artist.


November 2, 2016


November 4, 2016


November 8, 2016

November 12, 2016


November 17, 2016

November 19, 2016


November 21, 2016

November 28, 2016