An Interview with Hungarian Writer Mátyás Dunajcsik


»Reality does not have its own structure, it’s structured by the way you are thinking. And depending in which language you are thinking you are structuring reality.«Mátyás Dunajcsik

Mátyás Dunajcsik is an author, translator, poet, and a beginner on Langspiel – an old Icelandic instrument. Mátyás is from Hungary, but he loves Iceland – he spent two years there learning the language. So, now, he is navigating between Hungarian, French, English, Icelandic, and a little bit of German. He says our language – how we speak – shapes how we think. He also says he’s devastated to see the situation in Hungary right now, but he brought books containing around 700 years worth of Icelandic cultural memories with him to Schloss Solitude – and in his head and heart the same of Hungarian culture. So he is prepared.