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Radio Solitude

»Radio Solitude« is a window into the international community of artists and writers at Akademie Schloss Solitude. We talk about life, work, love, and politics. We tell stories, play music, and read from our texts. »Radio Solitude« is broadcast by German journalist Elisabeth Weydt and Palestinian journalist Rasha Hilwi.

Radio Solitude #7

Good Morning Habibi

Elisabeth: Hey Rasha, habibi! How is the film festival in Haifa? I am on the run to a reportage at the sea. I’ll take our intern, so he can hold the mic and organize some Fischbrötchen. Very convenient. Shall we have an intern at Radio Solitude? Rasha: Good morning habibi, sorry for being late to answer. These days are super crazy. I wish I could record the sounds of the days here. The film festival is going well, starting in

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Radio Solitude #6

Interview with Cultural Journalist Yania Suarez

»I have no real job, I have no real social life. I am free«, Yania Suarez manages to laugh a lot in this conversation about the sad side of Cuban life. We talk about rum, dancing and palm trees as well though. Yania says every country has a stereotype. The Cuban stereotype on one side is the cheery people laughing and dancing all the time and on the other hand is the stereotype that Cuba is some kind of a happy free communist country. »But all

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Radio Solitude #5

Interview with Indian Writer Chandrahas Choudhury

»That’s why we read fiction, to forget who we are.« Chandrahas Choudhury On one of the last days of October 2016, Elisabeth and Rasha invited Chandrahas Choudhury to the studio where they made »Radio Solitude« for an interview. Chandrahas started with a reading from his first novel Arzee the Dwarf, then they continued with questions covering literature, writing, life, traveling, and the time he spent in the Schloss. »I don’t feel the need so much anymore to think a lot about my writing: although I am

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Radio Solitude #4

Spanish Artist Teresa Solar And Palestinian Journalist Rasha Hilwi Sing About Love

Calligraphy by Ahmad Zoabi Singing songs amongst friends seems to be a normal Beschäftigung almost everywhere but in Germany. And those friends do have impressive voices. The topic most written about in songs is the topic of love. The unreachable love, the dramatic story of two lovers or the meaning of freedom within love, parent’s love. Spanish artist Teresa Solar and Palestinian journalist Rasha Hilwi sing their favorite love songs and tell their stories connected to them. One is a

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Radio Solitude #3

An Interview with Hungarian Writer Mátyás Dunajcsik   »Reality does not have its own structure, it’s structured by the way you are thinking. And depending in which language you are thinking you are structuring reality.«Mátyás Dunajcsik Mátyás Dunajcsik is an author, translator, poet, and a beginner on Langspiel – an old Icelandic instrument. Mátyás is from Hungary, but he loves Iceland – he spent two years there learning the language. So, now, he is navigating between Hungarian, French, English, Icelandic, and a little bit of German.

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Radio Solitude #2

Artfail Podcast: »No Goal No Mistake«

In the podcast »Artfail/Kunstfehler,« journalist Elisabeth Weydt talks about failure. About projects that never came to be or that crashed and burned miserably. About blunders and mistakes from which maybe something else developed or nothing at all. Failing better at art or failing artistically outside of art. Here, people tell us at irregular intervals about their big and small dramas. Find more »Artfail« episodes here. Today at Artfail/Kunstfehler: Sebastian Däschle, designer in Berlin. Designer Sebastian Däschle’s current project is based

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