Open Call No. 1 by Solitude & ZKM

Blowing the Whistle, Questioning Evidence

Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli

For the call on the topic »Blowing the Whistle, Questioning Evidence«, announced in February 2017 by Solitude & ZKM, the curator and juror Tatiana Bazzichelli invited artists, hackers, technologic experts, computer scientists and activists who have been working actively on the topic of truth-telling, leaking, and counter-surveillance, with the aim of exposing misconducts and wrongdoings to participate. 65 applicants took part in the call, four web residents were chosen from a shortlist of ten proposals. The web residents worked on their projects for four weeks (until April 20, 2017), posting articles regularly or reporting on the steps to their final piece. Projects were shown on Schlosspost as well as on the ZKM website.