I Have Everything to Hide

Paradime shifting by words art

At the beginnings of the digital age, despite of the increasing importance of pictures (Vilém

Flusser) writing and words haven’t lost anything of their significance. Their eternality,

caused by a rupture that goes through the moment of production and the moment of being

accounted, is present in every here and now, whenever someone accounts the words.

Writing does have a tendency to be authoritarian, because a rule is the base of it’s

accountability: always to see a sign as the sign that it stands for in common frame. Words

create a reality, because in them signification and connotation unify. Therefore they are a

material for artistic production. The research question for the residency is to find words

and sets of words, phrases, that implicate an other event in the mind, that shift focusses

from hegemonial paradimes as we have them to others, where the value of the person’s

privacy on the one hand and the powerful claim for direction over all public information

will be available as a possible reality in words and phrases (e.g. „Public information is


Aim: artistic research on the ways of building awareness for control technologies, data

security and keeping a personal sphere

Method: finding words and sentences that raise awareness on the impact of control

technologies, increase the inner disposition for living alternative data handling ways and

the will to stand up for one’s rights that are always also the rights of others and vice versa.

Words would, kind of evidence of it’s possibility, create an other reality, an other set of

meaning giving a base to other ways of acting. Words are seen as a medium of art,

presented either spoken or in visuals, to find the most effective and at least authoritarian

way will be part of the research project. Main language will be english to be able to

communicate with a broader public.