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»Seduce! Strategies against Brutalization« gathers individual and collective voices – whether they come in the form of an anecdote, a linguistic analysis, a political activist motivation or written in blank verse. The apparatus of language shall be explored in the most diverse ways, according to the questions: How can we counter the current brutalization of language? What can we change? How can we act?

Seduce #3

I’m breaking my word.

Read text in German. The intellect of these times yells: »Listen, you fools!« The feelings of these times batter and bellow: »Fear!« All dialogue stumbles and falls when the argument is nothing but an unintelligible feeling, when the argument is nothing but unfelt intellectual reasoning. But there you are, like a paradox: you most powerful semantic singularity: You, Fear. Where are Love and Desire and Comfort and Grief? Besides you, Fear? Fear, you stolen, raped, emotional word. You popularized and

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Seduce #2

Wiping History the Grin Off Its Face

Read text in German. In the linguistic understanding of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, one’s specific approach to the world, to reality, is determined by the use of a language. In short: language defines the way we think. »Good books are written in a kind of foreign language.« Marcel Proust In spite of its futuristic, almost extra-terrestrial appearance, the presence of this. Thing. Had nothing strikingly invasive or aggressive to it. On the contrary, it existed in a kind of tranquillity that

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Seduce! #1

Seduce! – Strategies Against Brutalization

Read text in German. Generated by right wing populist factions, an authoritarian language is being spoken. A language that delegitimizes, that goes and lowers down to face a degraded opponent. A language that cuts – cuts off and cuts out everything: people, thoughts, perspectives. And forces everyone through the lens that it cut out for them, turning a blind eye, the fist raised in the face of anyone who inordinately glances back. We know it as the language in the

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