Who's Afraid of Anything

»…the space is strange—in parched geometry there is the naked written and writing body—and this strangeness is left alone by the soundscape of Hans Peter Kuhn…(he’s building, she’s building, apart), parallel, creating, for me, yet another space (a third) which belongs to neither, which belongs to the audience (a gift, if you want)« –Linda Marie Walker RealTime issue #24 April-May 1998 pg


3 Parts (working title in 1998) / Proposal for a dance piece by Junko Wada and Hans Peter Kuhn

This second collaboration of the Japanese dancer Junko Wada and the German sound artist Hans Peter Kuhn is an abstract dance based on a traditional structure which is also found in the classic japanese Nô theatre. The piece has three parts that follow the idea of Jo Ha Kyu. Jo is the beginning, the introduction into the piece, Ha breaks the lines and Kyu takes you to the final statement.

In the first part Junko Wada introduces her way of dancing and sets the pace for the piece. The dance has formal elements from traditional and her personal contemporary dance style and is contradicted by a rather dramatic music.
In the second part the dancer changes the space with a burst of energy against the more linear sounds. The last part is a meditation on movement and sound.

The piece is set on a very simple stage and has three parts of equal duration. The stage consists of a white square of 5×5 meters on the ground and another white square at the back wall, also measuring 5×5 meters. For each part there is a separate costume: the first one is red, the second yellow, and the third blue. The stage is lit as strongly as possible in white. The music is played through four loudspeakers in the four corners of the auditorium.