Virtually Visiting Film Sets

Two weeks ago, I was shooting a making-of in 360 of the film workshop »Summer Media Studio 2016: Interactive Dance in Film.« The concept was to place the viewer into the film set of eight film crews with the help of Cinematic VR.

In cinema, a making-of – also known as a »behind-the-scenes« or »on-set« – is a documentary film that features the production of a film or television program. After my experience of filming it in 360, I can definitely say that 360 technology is an ideal tool for a making-of as it perfectly shows the relationship between actors and film crew, their dialogue and progress during the scenes. That’s the essence of a making-of. It offers more insight into the film and how it was made, and presents 100 percent (or 360 degrees) of the information.

The presence given by Cinematic VR makes perfect sense as a viewer now becomes a visitor on the film set. He or she can hear the instructions of the director, the reaction of an actor, and see what it takes to make a film.

I’m sure you will see more 360 making-ofs in the not-so-distant future as the industry and VR practitioners are playing around and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

And now welcome to the film set: