In 2012, Hugo Chavez presented a law that any action against the government can be brought to justice as an act of “terrorism” or “betrayal”, the foundations of this law are vague and the state decide who will be judged. Vigipirate Quadcopter Drone ( VQD ) questions the link between the act of creation and the act of resistance. The project poses it in the simultaneous and paradoxical status of the attacker and the victim. Composed of two Drones, an script and an app. Takes the protocol and aesthetic of the French’s national security alarm system: Vigipirate. VQD is the artist escape maneuver.

VQD was created using public warfare knowledge and open source/DIY media content. Each color represent a level of alert, depending on the threat and content:

LEVEL I – Prototype: The small Drone prototype presente a vague threat. It contains an encrypted SD card memory with my work, information, passwords, images recollect for the Venezuelan Government. Personal and valuable data.

LEVEL II – Script / Algorithm*: The script is designed to recollect in the mainstream media images related to the Venezuela. Powered with Python Google search script, this database holds the information timeline based on selected sources, metadata and hashtags.
* Level to apply for this residency as a webarchive of the content recollected that could be displayed and updated online.
LEVEL III – Hardware modification: The red level correspond to the Quadcopter Drone in which all the information gleaned is archived on the Drone.

LEVEL IV – Vigipirate protocol: This is a Pilot In command order to the Drone take off via SMS if the artist feels in danger. The Drone compiles the “mission” without any user intervention. Mission waypoints are defined by the drone during flight and communicates to an app on the phone to send the final location.

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