The Užupis Republic’s Principles for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

We are the Munich Embassy of Lithuania’s self-declared artist republic “Užupis”. Two years ago we were mandated to promote artistic perspectives and values in the worlds of technology and politics.

Our current focus lies on policy making in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the 21st century battleground to negotiate ethical standards and human rights. But despite all promises these negotiations run in elite circles with hardly any public notice. Additionally, the AI debate got stuck in an “ethical theatre”, where companies and governments try to get rid of their responsibility by hiding behind all the same ethical principles and guidelines. It’s more than frustrating to watch this happen.
The embassy opens up the debate on AI policy, creates transparency about players and events, and reclaims authority for civil society and especially artists. During our web residency we will develop our own set of ethical principles for AI, which completely subvert the current debate. We will publish and present these principles on highest national and international level.