Twelve Minute Painting by Just Another System

Twelve Minute Painting will be an homage and updated response to one of my favorite media artworks, Eleven Minute Painting by Tan Lin (2002) []. Following the style and structure of the original, it will expand upon classic themes of repetition, permutation, and stochasticism in painting, poetry, and electronic media. Today the only way to view Eleven Minute Painting is via video, although the original was a piece of code that ran differently upon each execution. This new work will be accessible via a domain name and start instantly when visited by a user. It will work on desktop and mobile browsers like other web projects of mine such as No Paint [] and Attn: Trap []. It will also have an interactive element – the user/viewer will be able to advance or retreat the poem by clicking or tapping, similar to a slideshow. My goal is for this work to indelibly register itself alongside the original, as a sibling. Never before have words been more continuous and pictures more discrete. »Niagara Falls is just a kind of paint!«