Truth is Calling


when the truth is calling

and there is now way out

when you wake up and know

that your instinct of survival has been on for too long

and you continued

as if nothing is wrong


when you know

you could have handled it differently

but you did not

then sarcasm strikes

after it explodes

it’s surprising

maybe shocking

and there’s no hearing

no resolution

just an insult

and confusion


the hate of the self is stronger than of another

the doubt, self pity

bring no salvation

thinking of another

that’s no good for the moment


when the lift comes in the ways of a new day

new light

when the grass is blossoming

and you don’t even know how

and where this good was hiding in winter times

below darkness and shadows


darkness is not to be afraid of

darkness reveals itself

shadows are mirrors of a self

a place,

in which things can be discovered


binary concept world

words of an old order

however, real


frightened of the other.