This is elitism for the masses is a video archive that has been working since 2010 with a curatorial approach that investigates the phenomenon of the presence of contemporary art in the mainstream media channels. Movies, documentaries and tv shows that fictionalize, romanticize and ironize about this closed world that attracts more and more non-specialized audiences.
One of the aims is to share for free video material that isn’t well known in this part of the world (Spanish speaking world), which is possible thanks to an “art fansub” community translating ad honorem to spanish the foreign material. This community include members from all over Latin America and Spain.
Also, a big interest is the idea of translation expanded to communication between different cultural circuits: translations from an exclusive intelectual lenguaje to a wider general public, popular media efforts for decoding artistic idioms on manifestations from hispanic or other periferic countries. Famous artists apparitions on cartoons or reality shows, artistics interventions on prime time TV, asian telenovelas about painters… We like to think this kind of projects as “Unghosting mediation”.
The proposal for Ghosted is building a group of selected videos, with this aim for mediation between the masses and contemporary art. In this case the selection will show some hispanic material, translated to english, but the utimate objective for this residency is to start a long term research on the subject, launching an open call online for collecting material worldwide. All the ítems found will be translated Eng/Spn and briefly reviewed.