The Europeans

​Hungarian folk dancers perform. 2010
Harmony/France: women of different generations come together to sing traditional songs of Brittany.
​A Chinese Engineer works on one of the experiments at the CERN particle physics lab in Switzerland.
A KFOR soldier stops to talk to young Kosovars.
​A sign on the door of a center for asylum seekers in Vienna. 2008
​A visitor touches one of the many stones that makes up the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. 2006
Museum visitors, Paris. 2007
A British circus worker.
​A Pentecostal Christian church service in Barcelona. 2012

The Europeans seeks to document the changing face of Europe through photographs. Damaso Reyes is the principal photographer of the project. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Damaso began his career as a photojournalist over ten years ago while still a teenager. As a young man of color growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in America, he was fascinated by the way in which his community was portrayed in the media. As an adult he chose to pursue photojournalism in order to ensure that there was more diversity in the images that are presented to the public. The project is still ongoing. The latest entry of the series, The Lives of Black Folks, is about the experiences of people of African descent in Germany and Poland.