Temporal Disruptors

»How do we learn from our past, to envision the future that we want? We need to understand what it means to love yourself. We’re going through a lot – fuck yeah, we are. But we still remain.« Camae Ayewa

»Inspired by Rammellzee’s Time Stoppers temporal displacement devices and the contributions of black women scientists and inventors, this is a ritual causality performative lecture in which memories will be re-encoded with new temporal information embodying the features of Black womxn and Black quantum futurist time(s).« As part of Donaufestival’s 2019 program entitled »New Society,« this performative lecture by the Black Quantum Futurism Collective, consisting of Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips, looked into the transformative power of African philosophy and liberation technologies, such as time traveling. »Sound and poetry,« writes Emily Pothast, »are critical components of this kind of time travel because of their ability to unlock memories from different times and places – like ancestral memories, or memories from realities that haven’t happened yet.« [1] The following audio file was recorded on May 5, 2019, in Krems. Listen to the eponymous recording by Black Quantum Futurist.


Temporal Disruptors, ritual causality performative lecture by Black Quantum Futurist, recorded on May 5, 2019 at Donaufestival Krems



We would like to thank the team from Donaufestival Krems, especially Barbara Pluch, for the generous support in publishing this recording.


  1. Jump Up »Tales of Destiny,« interview of Camae Ayewa by Emily Pothast, THE WIRE 424, July 2019.