TEAM EUROPE 2050 is a visual concept made for “The Future of Europe” and executed in #theColderOLYMPIX series as poster (A1 x 100prints), flyer and online media.
Evoking imagination beyond nation-state identity and precisely timed with content for the sport event (now Winter Olympics) for re-thinking of concepts of identity, representation, political agency, institutions and formation.

#theColderOLYMPIX* is a series of on-line and on-site events/activities related to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea (February 9-25) and beyond. A cluster of organisations, groups and individuals, reflect and reimagine how this re-enactment of ancient hellenic games plays out today and what could be its futures, but also how we relate to the field of sport (its identity and norm forming abilities), (broadcast/hyper/social-)media amplifications and manipulations as well as (inter/)national tensions and escalations around global(ising) mega-events. #theColderOLYMPIX is initiated at Akademie Solitude by Z. Blace, fellow and co-founder of ccSPORT international connective of artists, academics, activists, athletes and other sport enthusiasts/critics working to inform and inspire creative and critical sport work.

Concept and creative direction: Z. Blace (ccSPORT) Design: Bojan Krištofić;
Models and translations: 2018 fellows Akademie Schloss Solitude, production assistance and critical input: staff of Akademie Schloss Solitude (especially Anita Carey-Yard), Theater Nord (Franziska Benack) and ccSPORT (Vanessa Brazeau and Agnese Trocchi).