Stag(e) Nation

Stag(e) Nation
by Bisrat Negassi


from words I build sentences.

words with meaning and

sentences with sense.

what sense would the sentence make

without the essence of the sentence?

without the meaning of a word

when the word was the essence,

the whole meaning and the sense.



why do we fall high?

how can high be so deep?

can one have vertigo in heaven

and be thirsty in the sea?

if one would swim against the fire

would one find flame in the water?



can one fall and break bone to heal soul?

can loss find heart when love is found?

how can be a distance the closer we get?

can music be silent

if one is paralyzed in the movement?

how can you find the right words when you are wrong?

can one look into the past to find the future?

how can the chain be light when it’s locked around your neck?

is contradiction the contract with addiction?

addict for friction?

friction for fusion.

is fusion an illusion of stagnation?

who stages nation or stagnation for borders?

who is on board?

do we all board our borders as nation to stage?



from words I built sentences.

words with meaning and sentences with sense.