Spin the Gold Disk

I propose a residency consisting of a series of online performances to signal lifeforms that lie beyond our current awareness. Appropriating wireless networks and satellite triangulation, each performance—a series of unique ecstatic and improvised semaphore influenced by current events, found objects, and you-tube videos—will attempt a sort of telepathy sending signs to mine the unconscious and connect with extra-galactic beings.
The project will use existing both physical signs—slang gestures, spiritual rituals, sports, exercise, techniques of the body, hip hop and flex’n—and invent it’s own signs emerging from meditation on the future’s future, building proto-languages using the body, its environment, and objects therein to activate the uncharted sensors of the universe.

Each online performance will invite others to join the next encounter, and in animating our physical bodies in this world, we will reify our own existence, not just to those unseen, unknown, undiscovered, but for ourselves in the vast confusion of these times.