Rough Cut

Interactive projection with multiple layers of embedded sound. Touch and investigate objects with the cursor, click at or pause to generate your individual, interactive composition of raw sound. Take your time!

Initially a virtual, hybrid, rough cut model tailored for an upcoming exhibition in the project space at Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin 2016. The sounds embedded in the room represent sounds recorded when constructing the model from scratch, from cardboard and paper, and when reworking the model on the computer: raw, rough sounds of drawing, cutting, creasing, folding, ripping, copying, pasting and reediting; acoustic fragments of ‘work in progress’.

Site-specific conceptual work adaptable to further exhibition spaces, also at Solitude. May be installed in the exhibition space as an interactive Flash Projector for Win/Mac in Full HD resolution

Experience live at
(Flash player required)

Comment: Although Flash seems to be technically obsolete and out-of-date (and is today not visible on most tablets and smartphones), the complex and multiple layers of sound that can be embedded in a Flash movie file (and the subtle algorithms of chance, unexpected chaos and wonderful glitches when playing these back) make Flash an extremely effective tool for this conceptual, interactive work.