Promised Interfaces / Loading Utopias

For the call of SUPRAINFINIT I would like to propose a series of web-based applications, running on smart phones, tablets and notebooks.

In a digital world, the interface is the visible ground we all depend on. It becomes the infrastructure that makes us navigate endless and otherwise incomprehensible strata of information. For the residency I want to focus on the all too familiar moment of loading, when the first elements – colourful rectangles, round, shaded buttons, and semitransparent, dividing lines – appear. The moment before the information – all the text, and symbols, and images – kicks in. This moment is promising, everything is still possible. In less than a second we could be exposed to the most mundane or the most extreme and exciting, to our nightmares or our dreams, to a worse or a better world. Unfortunately, what we get most of the time is the usual, predictable and expected. But what if this would be all different? What if utopian potentials, inherent in the process of loading, could be released?

By dissecting and reassembling the interfaces we use daily, I want to create a space of possibility that holds many surprises, confronts us with our contemporary condition in unexpected ways and draws many new cultural, social and political connections. Embedding and curating new types of information for these proto-applications, will give rise to a new experience of the interfaces well known. A point-and-click (or touch) adventure of critical thinking.