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THE PICNIC PAVILION: Unfiltered, Unadulterated, and For the Love of Art

On a less common morning in May 2014, I went out to drink my coffee in the beautiful backyard of the house where I had been staying overnight. There was another guy in the yard who I talked to. I invited him to the show I was going to present with Alice Pons that evening in the first edition of a house festival. The name of the festival was Hors Lits.

Homemade culture blog

A Domestic Picture of the Quarantine

In May 2020, before the end of the quarantine period, we had the sixth edition of HomeFest, the Bucharest festival of home theater, performance, and related arts. The shows were given online, live performances in artists' homes, attended by audiences from all over the country and abroad. Entrance tickets were symbol-pictures of the one object in their home, that signified the quarantine. The 70 images that we received reveal how people lived through this period of restraints – a unique time in the modern history of humanity – and how they felt about it.

Homemade culture blog

Hors Lits

The longest surviving and ongoing diffused biennial project (until the pandemic’s spread), seems to be Hors Lits, initiated by Leonardo Montecchia in Montpellier (2005) and continued in many other cities in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Tunisia, Mexico, Chile, Austria, and the UK. The Hors Lits format involves a tour of the city with stops in the four apartments in which the performances are held.