My Studio Was a Bomb Shelter, Now It's a Castle

Posta is a project that examines the relationship between the artist and her audience. It is an intimate junction, a gesture through which the artist gifts her public a piece of handicraft. The postcards are manufactured during a live-performance in the studio and then sent to the audience members. In a special edition made for Akademie Schloss Solitude >>My Studio Was a Bomb Shelter, Now It’s a Castle<< the audience had the opportunity to reply to them by email. Here are their responses:

The spring the deer came and filled the castle, ear-against-ear; the fall leaves fell the colour of rabbits and bees bumped inside our cheeks; the winter you felt had just left when it came back white-masked, crying; and that unseasonable feeling of something approaching, as the car crawls over the horizon line, and its wheels slide from its metal body, to reveal its wings, to fly.


Once upon a time curiosity killed the cat, but I’m up to explore new horizons!

Her mouth gapes open as she looks; neither sexualized, nor suggesting complacency, this image of her is of someone rapt.

Kunst ähnelt – nach Theodor W. Adorno, hier sinngemäß zitiert – einem Vexierbild, das, je nachdem wie man es betrachtet, unterschiedliche Seiten zeigt, das Rätsel oder die ihm immanente Lösung, und das sich jeden Moment dem Blick entziehen kann.

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