Old Galleries Are Boring, New Horizons on Internet

Web Resident 2016

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With new technological possibilities, the ways of making and exhibiting art have changed. New media are continually changing, sometimes lacking the sense of use in physical exhibitions.

The exhibition of an intangible art piece in a physical space is meaningless. It is true that every day bears new technologies to visualize digital pieces in physical spaces, but tangible exhibition of intangible pieces is currently becoming unsustainable.

Internet Moon Gallery is created as a 3D digital space which shows tangible and intangible pieces at the same level, neutralizing the physical condition of the works exhibited in Internet Moon Gallery. It will generate an atmosphere that will allow viewing without the physical traditionalism of the flat communication offered by the screen.

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Internet Moon Gallery breaks this tradition of the physical. It maintains the eloquent sense of the traditional art galleries, but it is designed in order to make access to it from anywhere and at any time easier. Internet Moon Gallery juxtaposes the two spaces to create a new one that works with adequate representation of the two realities.

This project aims to curate a temporary exhibition (for 4 weeks) in this new space.

The exhibition calendar of this gallery work corresponds to the moon phase, so the lunar period 06.06 – 04.07 (4 weeks) will define the length of the exhibition.


To understand this space: Internet Moon Gallery history:


The router MO.Fi installation: