The Mouth Breathers Find A Body



Two detectives, Alex and Chris, are standing over a dead body with blood pooling around it.

POLICE OFFICER VIC, You don’t have to get a couple of death.

DETECTIVE ALEX, So what we have a definitely with murder.

DETECTIVE CHRIS, Don’t get a lawyer’s death.

The Mouth Breathers Find A Body will be a Law and Order simulation that is stuck in the first scene of where law enforcement finds a dead body. This simulation, or video game that plays itself, will use a neural network (which will be similar to the script above) to generate new lines for the various Mouth Breather characters in the sim. These characters will include: detectives, police, witnesses, bystanders, and a dead body. The Mouth Breathers will be controlled by my ASS (Artificial Stupidity System). My ASS will keep the Mouth Breathers in an endless loop of finding a dead body, saying pithy remarks, and finding clues that lead nowhere. This case will never be closed.

In the past I have made sims that exist in galleries, but this sim will exist on the internet that can be accessed through the browser or by download. I will use Unity to construct the sim and throughout the residency I will post progress pictures, thoughts, and code.

Short Bio:

Ryan Wurst (1988) is an artist based in Denver. He works at the intersection of art and technology and creates work ranging from music, installations, software, and books. Wurst has studied both art and music and holds an MFA in Experimental and Media Art from the University of Minnesota. In addition to showing and performing work internationally, Wurst also runs the record label Always Human Tapes. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance at the University of Colorado.