Microworld #2 – Home

For the second edition of the series microworld, Elisa Calosi chose a topic which is very close to the life of the fellows and to people who are working in the art and culture field in general: home. Current and former fellows Alicja Bielawska, Ivana Ivković, Mira Witte, and Marianne Zückler took part in July’s exhibition, presenting their personal point of view on this topic.

Our perception of what »home« means has become more and more flexible in the last few decades. People from all over the world are continuously moving, changing jobs, locations, and consequently their home. My grandmother, who died at the age of 94, lived her life in four different places (all within a 20km range of another) and spent more than 50 years in her last flat – her home. Compared to her, in the last twelve years, I have lived in more than 20 different places, in at least four countries and around ten cities. I am at home at my parent’s place, at my grandma’s, in Berlin, Bulgaria, and even here now, but always for a specific frame of time and space.

Ivana Ivković, Choked (2015)
Mira Witte, The penguin (2015)
Alicja Bielawska, Twisted in pleats (2015)
Marianne Zückler, Kommen und gehen. Gehen und kommen, ra

Solitude is definitely a special place to be and to live in – it is both a big community and a place which promotes varying types of isolation, a place that exists and does not exist at the same time. What does »home« mean in this specific context? microworld invited fellows of the Akademie to deal with this topic and to propose a specific work for the specific frame in studio 7.

All the participants – Alicja Bielawska, Mira Witte, Ivana Ivković, and Marianne Zückler – contributed a personal view of this topic. Temporality, fragility, coming and going, and the aim for a specific destination are expressed in different forms and formats, from more abstract installations and figures to real sounds and voices …