Microworld #1 – Dreams

When I first moved in to studio 7 my attention was immediately caught by a strange object I found there. It is partly a box and partly a frame, something in-between, a frame somehow with more depth, and from the first instance I wanted to do something with it, to activate it. From the first moment, I wanted to invite and involve fellows to do something in relation to it. And so, the idea of a micro world came to my mind.

microworld is a micro space for discussion and exchange. It offers an alternative to large white cubes and exhibition spaces. Once a month it will show different works and contributions responding to a specific topic created by and together with artists and fellows from solitude. microworld is a specific space: A frame with the dimension of 37x31x4 cm. It is located in a specific place: Studio 7

In the first edition, which opened on June 11, 2015 Ivana Ivkovíc, Stephanie Choi, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, Magali Daniaux & Cedric Pigot presented their perspectives and contributions on the topic of dreams.