MAgnetic VIdeo CAmera

Concept Text

This project is based on taking pictures with one of the first popular digital cameras called MAVICA (MAgnetic VIdeo CAmera) that appeared in 1998. The pictures (640 x 480 pixels resolution) are stored in a floppy disk.
The magnetism is not just on the name of the camera, but in the images. They attract themselves, they repel and then they attract again.

When one think on the visual texture of these pictures, they look old. The 0.03 MP resolution determines what and how
we see. But, what (and how) is to work in 2016 with a camera of 1998?
Maybe because of the force of the attraction in the magnetism and beyond all ¿disadvantages? the photos become, once again, a strange and unexpected beauty.
2. Project description

This project has three exhibition formats:

– book with the layout of the image bank books

– photography exhibition with a selection of the work

– web with the archive of the more than 2.850 images that were taken with this camera (for what i’m applying for)
3. Residency project
During the 4 weeks residency i will work on creating the website that will look that the (now obsolete) image stock bank websites.
The layout will be similar to DIS Images Project (

The images that i took with this digital camera of 1998 will be tagged and categorized in order to navigate and explore the whole archive.

One of the most interesting things in this project is that the patterns are constantly present once and again: patterns of shapes, colours, structures and more on.